Sunday, 15 April 2012

HUGE clothing clear out!

I've had to go through literally all my clothes because almost all of them, apart from the few recently bought ones, are too big (YAYYY!)! I am now pretty much a UK size 10 in the majority of shops (size 8 in a couple and size 12 in a couple). I use to be UK size 16/18, so I've dropped about 3/4 clothes sizes! I'm hoping/aiming to get down to UK size 8.

There's about 3 bin bags full of just tonnes of clothes that are way too big now! Ranging from UK sizes 10 to 16. It feels great being able to put on old clothes that use to fit me perfectly or even be far too tight for me and have them falling to my ankles because they are just that big on me now. But it's also a rubbish feeling in a way.. Because I'm now stuck with all these clothes and I have to spend £100's on more clothes to replace everything!  And I just don't have that kind of money spare.. Even if I do sell all my old clothes, I'll get nowhere near how much it'd cost me to buy new ones! But I've had to buy some new clothes lately anyway, even though I have next to no money this month, because I'm going to Turkey in 2 and a half weeks, so I need clothes - that actually fit - for that! I've even been browsing charity shops and boot sales for clothes because I'm so skint! But I actually strangely enjoy it. I didn't think I would, but it's fun and some of the things and bargains you find there are incredible!

I'm going to put some of my bigger clothes up on Facebook in the next day or two and hopefully sell some of those on there for money towards my new clothes and also towards my holiday. I've also put the nicer, more expensive clothes (like Topshop, Soul Cal, River Island, etc.) up on my eBay account - (just incase you wanted to have a look). And then next week or the week after, with whatever's left, I'm going to maybe do a boot sale at the cattle market - depending on the weather - to get rid of what I can to get some more dollar before I jet off to Turkey for a week with the boyfriend!

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