Wednesday, 11 April 2012

FREE Graze box for everyone!

**I'm reposting this post again and deleting the old one, as I got told from a friend that the code I gave you guys didn't work! I'm very sorry about this! I've added a new code. If this happens again please let me know!**

loveeee Graze! I've been receiving Graze boxes since the beginning of January 2012, and definitely don't regret it! They are weekly/fortnightly/one off (depending on which you choose) boxes full of delicious natural snacks. They give you the calorie content for each punnet too, so I never have to worry about not knowingly going over my daily calorie allowance. Yay!

I really feel Graze boxes have, in a way, helped me on my weight loss journey. Whenever I feel like snacking, instead of reaching for my secret stash of chocolate (which I do actually have, hidden in my wardrobe, haha) I can reach for my Graze box instead - saving me precious calories and the guilty feeling I often get after pigging out on chocolate. Although some of the Graze punnets actually have chocolate in them - yummmm! My favourite punnets are most definitely the flapjacks - especially the 'apple cinnamon flapjack'. It tastes heavenly!

You can rate the punnets at any time! So if, for example, you hate coconut, you can go through all the punnets and bin the coconut ones so you never receive them in your deliveries, which I think is very handy! There's a 'send soon' option too, so if you are desperate to have a certain punnet just select 'send soon' and where possible they will try and get you that punnet in your next delivery! You can also pick your delivery day. Mine's fornightly on Thursdays (it use to be weekly but I didn't eat them quick enough and ended up with piles of Graze boxes everywhere). You can cancel or postpone the deliveries at any time too, so you don't have to worry about being tied down to this forever.

If you would like a totally FREE Graze box, just go to their website - - and enter the code:


TOP TIP: a great way of remembering the use by date and how many calories are in each punnet is by writing them both directly onto the lid of the punnet with a permanent marker on the day you receive your box. That way if you lose the piece of paper with the information on, you'll still know. Also if you take the punnets with you somewhere as a snack you won't have to worry about bringing the piece of paper with you!

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