Saturday, 31 March 2012

My first ever homemade smoothie!

For my breakfast this morning I made my first ever homemade smoothie - it was delicious! I don't know why I've never made them before.

I got the recipe for this smoothie from This particular smoothie is called 'Peanut Butter Delight' (ingredients shown in the photo above). I've worked it out to be 308 kcal per serving (and 361 kcal if you add 1 tbsp of cocoa powder). It's pretty filling and quite a big serving too - makes just under a pint!

I originally made it without the cocoa powder but when I tried it I thought the banana was a little too overpowering, so I blended in the cocoa powder afterwards. I may have put a bit too much in though, so next time I'll probably only use 1 tsp of cocoa powder instead of 1 tbsp.

I highly recommend you all try this smoothie! It's great for people who have a sweet tooth but don't want to pig out on fatty, chocolaty treats. I shall definitely be making many more smoothies from! There's loads on there and they all sound delicious!

May 2011 vs. March 2012.

I hardly notice any change in my body since I started back in 2009, as I stare and pick at it every single day in the mirror. But it's when I compare old photos with recent photos, I can see how well I've actually done. It makes me really proud and happy seeing such a big difference, and I'm not just on about the tattoo!

Left photos: May 2011 (this is not at my heaviest).
Right photos: March 2012 (photos taken earlier today).

Friday, 30 March 2012

The difficult realisation that I was, indeed, a fatty.

This was me, June 2009 - a fat, miserable 16 year old, weighing a mammoth 176lbs - strutting my "stuff" in sizes 16/18. It took me to get this big to realise I was going to eat myself to an early grave if I didn't change my eating habits. Looking at this photo makes me feel ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted. I will NEVER let myself go back to this.

I'm posting this to keep myself motivated. If I can see what I was and what I never want to look like again, it may help me stay on track on days where I'm struggling with cravings and lack of motivation.