Monday, 16 April 2012

Discovering my green thumb!

Whilst doing the weekly shopping, with my mum and sister, I spotted these awesome things - Sutton's seeds "Grow Your Own" pots. (Click the photos to enlarge them). They were very cheap - just under £1 each - they're on special offer at the moment. They are pots that contain compost and the seeds to grown your own herbs and vegetables.

We bought 3 pots - parsley, coriander and chives. I've just been sat downstairs "sowing" the seeds. I've never grown my own plants before. I've always wanted to learn to do gardening properly.. I want to be able to grow some pretty flowers in our back garden - even though I know the dog will destroy them.. But I can't seem to even be able to keep plants that are already grown and potted alive for longer than 2 weeks! So this may be a challenge for me.

The pots are really easy to do! All you have to do is move the compost around to loosen it, take a bit of compost out, make a hole and sprinkle the seeds in. Then put the compost back in to cover the hole, push it down to compress it slightly, water it and shove the lid back on. And hey-presto, you've done it. Put them in a window sill and hope for the best. Normally my main problem is remembering to water them.. I'm not even sure how often I'm suppose to water them but oh well, haha!

Wish me luck! I'll take a couple of progress photos, as/if they start to grow! *fingers crossed they do*

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