Monday, 9 April 2012

Far too much chocolate!

I love the idea of Easter. Until it actually is Easter Sunday that is.. and then I hate it. I hate the feeling of feeling so sick for eating that one little tiny bit too much chocolate. And that guilt that comes with it is even more awful! I work so so hard to get all this weight off and then Easter comes along and BAM - hello fat belly!

I received far too much chocolate this year. I know - the words 'far', 'too', 'much' and 'chocolate' shouldn't even be seen anywhere near each other in the same sentence.. But it's true. I feel soooo sick.. I've eaten one whole Green & Blacks milk chocolate egg, which I received from my lovely boyfreind, and a tiny caramel mini egg thing today and it was just way too much. I feel so fat right now - yuck.

This is all the chocolate I received this year (minus one Easter egg and dairy milk caramel chocolate bar, cos I ate them yesterday *slaps wrist*). The half eaten egg is now gone though - I ate it.. The rest has now been put with my secret stash of chocolate. I know if I leave it out for me to see, it'll all be gone before I know it. I know this because it happens every single year! This is a great tip by the way. I still have chocolate hidden in my stash that I must have put there in January/February.. I completely forget it's there half the time because it's not in my face all the time. I highly reccommend that all dieting chocoholics do this - or atleast try it. Hopefully I will forget all about this chocolate within the next week so I don't ruin my diet even more.

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! I hope you all had an EGG-cellent day! ;)

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