Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lunchbox idea #1.

Here's one of my healthy lunchbox ideas! I took this one to work today. I didn't follow any recipes or anything.. This is simply just made up from vegetables in the fridge that need to be eaten soon. It's a potato, beetroot & mushroom salad with chilli-mayo sauce. It's approx. 229 kcal for the whole meal, including the sauce.

All I did was microwave about 130g of jersey royal potatoes for about 7-8 mins. I then made a bed of spinach in the lunchbox and added 100g of chopped beetroot, the jersey royal potatoes, chopped and then seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper and mixed it all up together. I then added some chopped, fried (with fry-light) closed-cup mushrooms onto the top. And voila, you have the salad! 

I made the chilli-mayo dip by just getting 30g of lighter-than-light Hellmanns mayonnaise and adding a sprinkle of crushed chilli and some salt and freshly ground pepper and just mix it all up. I felt the salad needed a little bit of sauce, mainly for the potatoes.

 I'm hoping to make lots more lunchbox idea posts! This is #1 of, hopefully, many! I hope you enjoyed this post and keep an eye out for more! :)

UPDATE ABOUT ME: (sorry for combining this update into the lunchbox post, it's just I'm sure no one wants to hear this little update on a separate post). I have not been dieting very good as of the last week or so. Although I did lose 2lb this week, somehow. A lot has been going very wrong for me lately.. I have virtually no money and can't get any overtime at work as they're no longer offering any. I got let go on a temporary job and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to get my wages for the hours I worked, and a few others things too.. I've been very stressed and very depressive lately.. It's horrible. :( But a long side my slight chocolate craving (which normally happens when I get into this state) I'm trying to eat healthy main meals and snacking on fruit to balance it out a little. Hopefully this mood won't last much longer, as I don't know how much more of it I can take. :( Although eating chocolate sounds fun, I don't enjoy it.. Hardly ever. I just feel worse in the long run. I just really need something to go right for me for once.

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